Manual Preparation

1-fire training manual.
2-solas lifesaving training manual.
3-Maintenance Manual for all ship equipment.
4-Ballast Water Management Plan.
5-Grabage Management Plan.
7-SEEMP Part 1 & 2 .
8-Proecuders & Arrangement Manual .
9-Sox Documents for Clean Class Vessel.
10-Emergency Towing Booklet / Arrangement .
11-Cargo Securing Manual .
12-Fuel Change Over Plan.

13-Rudder Maintenance Plan.

14-MED list.

15-Asbestos free List.

16-Inventory for Hazard Material Plan.

17-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Management Plan (Tanker carrying crude oil).

18-Search and rescue cooperation plan (Passenger Ships).

19-Ship Structure Access Manual.

20- Plans and procedures for recovery persons from water.
21-Damage control plans and booklets.

22-Ozone-depleting Substances Record Book.

23-Ship to Ship (STS) Operations Plans (Oil Tankers).

24-Ship Specification Booklet.